Concrete production and sale

Production and sales of concrete

We are producing all kinds of high quality concrete for which we issue a certificate. We have the possibility of delivering concrete from 3 locations in Serbia, Ada Huja-Belgrade, Zrenjanin and Sremska Mitrovica.

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Gravel and aggregate production and sale

Production and sales od river aggregates

We are producing and transporting natural gravels, river and crushed aggregates. Gradient has one of the largest separation in Serbia, what makes us a reliable partner to support all your projects.

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Concrete transportation and pumping

Transport and Pumping of Concrete

We are offer services of transport and pumping of concrete 00 - 24 hours. Our fleet is consisted of 18 mixers and 6 pumping trucks.

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Technology and quality

We are one of the few on the market that have a pump-mixer truck whose capabilities are transport of 7 m³ and pump hand of 28 m.

By using our weighbridge you can always be completely sure that you will be delivered precise quantity, and we have a laboratory which tests samples of concrete and aggregates and issues certificates for products manufactured in our factory with the approval of the IMS.