Concrete production and sale

About us

Gradient is present on the market since 2008, and in 2012 it changed its ownership structure. Current owner and general manager of the company is Mr. Guglielmo Benini.

Official activity

The company’s main activity is providing services of transport and pumping of concrete, production and transport of natural river aggregate, sand Dunavac, a mixture of crushed stone river aggregate and production and distribution of fresh concrete.

By merging two companies, Gradient and Helios fibo, and in cooperation with Lafarge, we have the possibility of delivering concrete from factories in Ada Huja, Sremska Mitrovica and Zrenjanin.

Separation of aggregates

We have the most advanced separation of aggregates made by company Binder, whose characteristics, mode of operation, and additional sets of fans, deliver clean Fraction of excellent quality.

Separation is located in Ada Huja, near Pančevo bridge, on the right coast of the river Danube. The mandatory minimum stocks are never below 10.000 t, which makes us a reliable partner for supporting all your projects-.

In addition to standard Fraction, we also produce those in specific dimensions, at the request of the client.


Our fleet consists of:

  • 18 mixer trucks – from 7m³ to 10m³
  • 5 pumps for distribution of concrete – from 28m to 41m
  • 1 pump truck mixer – PUMA, arm length 28m


Gradient owns a laboratory which is under the patronage of the Institute for Testing Materials of Serbia (IMS) for many years.

The laboratory is equipped by SRPS U.M1.051 and U.M1.052 standards that allow us to issue a quality certificate for concrete that is manufactured in our factory.

The laboratory also performs quality control of fractions. We have a certificate that is issued every 6 months by the IMS that guarantees for the quality of the fractions produced in our factory.


Gradient has weighbridge that guarantees the accuracy of materials delivered.

00-24h Delivery

Our expert team is at your disposal for all requests, and in accordance with you and depending on your needs, we are able to deliver requested materials 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.