Production and sales of river aggregates

Gravel and aggregate production and sale

Gradient has one of the largest separation plants in Serbia, which makes us one of the main suppliers in the market. We both sell and transport natural and crushed materials.

Sale and transportation

  • Natural gravel
  • Fraction I (0-4 mm)
  • Fraction II (4-8 mm)
  • Fraction III (8-16 mm)
  • Fraction IV (16-32 mm)
  • Iberlauf (over 32 mm)
  • Crushed Fraction I (0-4 mm)
  • Crushed Fraction II (4-8 mm)
  • Crushed Fraction III (8-16 mm)
  • Crushed Fraction III prime (8-11 mm)
  • Crushed Fraction (0-31 mm)

Quality control

We are pleased to inform you that our company has improved the fraction production process by installing special fans into the separation. This upgrade enables delivery of fractions free of coal, shells, clay and other impurities.

Our separation capacity of 700.000 t per year allows us to support biggest projects in Belgrade. We also have a fixed minimal stock that is mandatory which ensures reliability of the supply chain.

By using the weighbridge we guarantee the accuracy of the quantity delivered.

We provide and deliver crushed material using a crusher.

Gradient owns a laboratory which has been under the patronage of the Institute for Testing Materials (IMS) for many years.

In the laboratory we control the quality of fractions. We have a certificate issued every 6 months by the IMS that guarantees the quality of the fractions produced.

Training & Safety
  • Gradient is constantly improving work environment in sense of health & safety, in order to find and eliminate potential hazards in the workplace.
  • All of our employees are well trained, pump truck operators are certified for pump control, mixer truck drivers are trained for safe and professional steering.
  • We give a great importance to protecting and constantly improving the safety and health of all participants in the work.

Main projects:

  • Belgrade tower - Belgrade Waterfront
  • Obrenovac - Surčin bridge
  • Zemun - Borča Bridge
  • Residential Complex “Belville”
  • Shopping center “Ušće”
  • Refinery Pančevo
  • Fertilizer Plant Pančevo
  • Production plant in Sremska Mitrovica area of 16,000 m²
Sales tim

Our sales team consists of experienced professionals, who are available seven days a week for all your requests and questions.

Request for proposal

Gradient Ltd is a company founded in 2008. in Serbia with the aim of further improving the business and expanding the product portfolio and strengthening its position in the market.

Our main activity is production and distribution of fresh concrete, and processing and sale of natural river aggregate.
Monday - Friday: 08-16h
Monday - Sunday: 00-24h
Vuka Vrčevića bb, 11060 Beograd, Srbija
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