Client:   CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation)
Location:   Belgrade
Construction start date:   2011.
Construction end date:   2014.

Pupin bridge connects Belgrade’s Zemun and Borca across the Danube. It was built by a Chinese company “China Road and Bridge Corporation” (“CRBC”), which is why it was initially called the Chinese bridge. In October 2014, City Assembly renamed it Pupin bridge, after Mihajlo Pupin.

The bridge is 1,482 meters long, 29.1 meters wide and 22.8 meters high, with a total of six lanes and pedestrian-bicycle paths on both sides. There is an underpass for the passage of ships. The length of all access roads will be 21.6 km.

The construction site was opened in July 2011. The bridge is connected in July 2014, after which there was to be added a security fence, pedestrian paths and waterproofing.

The bridge was finally called Pupin Bridge on October 24, 2014, and opened on 18 December of the same year.

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