Total capacity of our two concrete plants is 150 m³/h which allows us to support the largest construction sites in Belgrade.

We produce all types of concrete from MB 10 to MB 80 (from C 8/10 to C60 / 75) for which we issue a certificate. We have certificates for cement, aggregates, additives, concrete bases and water.

Gradient has one of the largest separation plants in Serbia, which make us one of the main suppliers in the market.

We are pleased to inform you that the company has improved the production process of fractions, by installing ventilators on separation. This will allow us to deliver fractions without coal, shells and other dirt.

Our separation has an annual capacity of 700.000 T, and with required minimum level of stocks, we are able to support your every project.

By using our weighbridge we guarantee the precision of quantity delivered.

We have a crusher, so we are able to supply our clients with crushed fraction of various diameters.


Our fleet consists of 18 mixer trucks:

  • 8 Mercedes trucks,
  • 8 MAN trucks,
  • 2 Volvo trucks.

Trucks have a drum capacity 7 m³, 9 m³ and 10 m³.

Concrete pumps:

2 Mercedes trucks
3 MAN trucks
1 mixer pump truck (PUMI)

All upgrades are made by companies Swing Stetter and Cifa.

Pump trucks have hands of 28 m, 36 m, 39 m and 41 m.

We are one of the few on the market which have a mixer-pump capacity of 7 m³ and reach of 28 meters. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for construction sites which are difficult to access.

Our entire fleet consists of trucks of recent production – the oldest one was manufactured in 2008.


Gradient owns a laboratory which is under the patronage of the Institute for Testing Materials of Serbia (IMS) for many years.

The laboratory is equipped by SRPS U.M1.051 and U.M1.052 standards that allow us to issue a quality certificate for concrete that is manufactured in our factory.

The laboratory also performs quality control of fractions. We have a certificate that is issued every 6 months by the IMS that guarantees for the quality of the fractions produced in our factory.

Training and safety

Gradient is constantly improving safety management and safety at work systems to find and eliminate potential hazards in the workplace.

All of our employees are well trained to work in their fields, motorists of concrete pumps are certified for pump control, mixer drivers are trained for safe and professional steering.

We give a great importance to protecting the safety and security of all participants in the work in the first place.


Plan podele društva o statusnoj promeni

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Gradient Ltd is a company founded in 2008. in Serbia with the aim of further improving the business and expanding the product portfolio and strengthening its position in the market.

Our main activity is production and distribution of fresh concrete, and processing and sale of natural river aggregate.
Monday - Friday: 08-16h
Monday - Sunday: 00-24h
Vuka Vrčevića bb, 11060 Beograd, Srbija
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